AS Pristis offers the construction of the following low-voltage systems

Security and access control systems

Nobody can break into your premises because the security system notices every event. The alarm system can be connected to a variety of sensors that detect movement, door opening, broken glass, vibration, water, etc. The alarm system registers and transmits an alarm signal to security service providers control center.

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Automatic fire alarm systems and gas extinguishing systems

The Automatic Fire Alarm System is designed to provide an alarm at the earliest possible stage.

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Public address, conference and translation systems

Public address and announcement systems are needed in places where large numbers of people need to communicate

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Data communication networks

DATA cabling using a Cat 6 or Cat 6A cable is the most advanced solution for computer and telephone networks. Backbone connections can be made using fiber optics.

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Doorphone, Nurse call and Cell call systems

Security and care are essential requirements for any modern nursing home and hospital.

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Customer Counting and Queue management Systems

Customer counting systems allow merchants to collect data on visitor numbers and conversion rate, i.e.% of visitors who made a purchase.

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Pneumatic transport systems

Pneumatic transport systems provide secure, fast and reliable access to laboratory samples and medicines, cash, documents, small details, etc. transport in the health, trade, industry and banking sectors.

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How do we do that?

Cooperation with Costumers

Optimal solutions for building a low-voltage solution are found in cooperation with the Clientr, with the aim of ensuring that the requirements are met at the optimum cost

Cooperation with suppliers

in partnership with international suppliers of equipment we offer and based on their experience, we can provide solutions for even the most complex buildings and facilities

Coperation with designers

the advice of our specialists is highly valued in the largest design companies in Estonia and the cooperation of highly experienced specialists ensures the best result for the client

Cooperation with general contractors

AS Pristis is a prime contractor among the general contractors you can always count on

The process


Identifying customer needs


Development of possible alternative solutions, their introduction to the client


Clients acceptance for the offered solutions


Price offer


Signing a contract


Preparation of work project


Execution of works


Delivery of works and Customer training


Maintenance of systems

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If you are interested in building a low current system, please contact our representative. Our technical and business experienced consultants can advise and talk about solutions in more detail.

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