Other related systems

Public buildings are increasingly demanding the use of evacuation notification systems. The EVAC-compliant system works in the same way as a conventional announcement system, but has to meet stricter requirements during construction.

EVAC systems are used to transmit automatic prerecorded messages controlled by a fire alarm system. The system monitors its performance even when no audio is being transmitted. This eliminates the situation where, when there is a need for information, it becomes clear that the equipment is not in working order.

Conference systems
Conference systems are special sound systems used for meetings with a large number of participants or with high formalities. Conference system users include conference centers, hotels, company boards, courtrooms, training centers,

Advantages of the system for conference participants:

  • All participants at the meeting have the opportunity to speak directly from their workplace.
  • If necessary, the chairman of the meeting may interrupt the speech
  • The use of microphones increases the efficiency of the meeting, resulting in a so-called “broadcast effect”
  • Noise and echo-free live sound
  • You can add a storage system if needed
  • Special software for digital protocol creation

Conference and congress systems
Conference and congress systems are needed in meetings where voting takes place. The users of the system are parliaments, international organizations, city councils, conference centers.

Congress System = Conference System + Advanced Features:

  • Voting Opportunity – Every attendee at their workplace.
    Participant Identification – Identifying voting rights and other settings directly from the polling station by voting using ID card or other technology.
  • Sending text messages to participants – The LCD microphone base has a built-in LCD display that can send text messages, such as opinion polling options, etc.
  • Microphone Addressing – Each microphone is assigned an address to control, for example, rotary cameras (when the microphone is turned on, the camera turns to the corresponding participant).
  • There will also be an official call queue at the address according to the event’s schedule.

View speaker order and voting results on a large screen using a projector.
The features listed are integrated in the DCN digital conference and congress system.

Simultaneous interpretation systems
Simultaneous interpretation systems are needed in a meeting where several working languages ​​are used in the meeting but not all participants are fluent. International conferences, symposia, trainings, etc. are used by translation systems.

How does the system work?

The interpreter is in a soundproofed booth, the text being spoken reaches into his earpieces
The interpreter has a special remote control with microphone and LCD display, which allows operative selection of translation channels and similar parameters.
The translation reaches listeners via an infrared wireless connection – the conference room’s infrared emitters – and the signal is transmitted to each delegate’s infrared receiver. The delegate can select which channel or language he is listening to. The wireless system has the advantage of allowing listeners to roam freely around the hall.
Another way to get the audience to translate is to use the congress system. In this case, the delegate and chairman microphone provide additional output for earphone connection and translation channel selection. When transmitted through a cable, the signal is noiseless and the need for storage, charging and maintenance of receivers is eliminated.

Components for sound systems

Sound systems use notification microphones that allow you to select directly from the microphone to which notification area (zone) the message will be sent.

Automatic research equipment
A special device with digital memory that immediately delivers previously recorded messages when alarm input is activated. For example: “There is a danger. Please leave the building immediately. ”

Signal sources
Generally, the signal sources are an FM tuner and a CD player, which is MP3 compatible for longer continuous and non-repetitive playback.

How do we do that?

Cooperation with Costumers

Optimal solutions for building a low-voltage solution are found in cooperation with the Clientr, with the aim of ensuring that the requirements are met at the optimum cost

Cooperation with suppliers

in partnership with international suppliers of equipment we offer and based on their experience, we can provide solutions for even the most complex buildings and facilities

Coperation with designers

the advice of our specialists is highly valued in the largest design companies in Estonia and the cooperation of highly experienced specialists ensures the best result for the client

Cooperation with general contractors

AS Pristis is a prime contractor among the general contractors you can always count on

The process


Identifying customer needs


Development of possible alternative solutions, their introduction to the client


Clients acceptance for the offered solutions


Price offer


Signing a contract


Preparation of work project


Execution of works


Delivery of works and Customer training


Maintenance of systems

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