Important to know

  • All cabinet panels are standard 19 “
  • If there are many units in the unit cabinet, it is necessary to equip the unit with fan panels.
  • It is also advisable to use the air conditioner in the same room.
  • In a one manufacturer system solution, all system components (cables, sockets, panels) come from a single manufacturer. The installer must be licensed by the manufacturer. The system warranty on one Manufacturer solution  is usually 15-20 years.
  • If the server is in a separate room, it is advisable to use an open 19 ”device rack that provides better maintenance and natural cooling of the equipment.
  • To ensure that the low current and high current sockets are similar in the premises, it is wise to determine the electrical series used in the building during the design process.
  • In order to ensure the expansion of the computer network’s perspectives, it is advisable to design building cable ladders with spare cables.

TV distribution networks are guided by good standards to provide the required signal strength at each connector and to the channels to be transmitted. Independent broadcast antennas will be installed in the building, allowing you to watch local free-to-air channels and join in on-air pay-TV packages. Additionally, satellite TV antennas can be added to the broadcast antennas.

For apartment buildings, it is possible to add a corresponding number of tuners to the system to watch pre-arranged satellite channels. However, this solution must take into account the conditions of use and the monthly fees of the operators.

If you plan to join a cable TV operator, it is advisable to coordinate your distribution network project with the operator beforehand. Signals from Internet TV solutions are transmitted using computer network connections.

How do we do that?

Cooperation with Costumers

Optimal solutions for building a low-voltage solution are found in cooperation with the Clientr, with the aim of ensuring that the requirements are met at the optimum cost

Cooperation with suppliers

in partnership with international suppliers of equipment we offer and based on their experience, we can provide solutions for even the most complex buildings and facilities

Coperation with designers

the advice of our specialists is highly valued in the largest design companies in Estonia and the cooperation of highly experienced specialists ensures the best result for the client

Cooperation with general contractors

AS Pristis is a prime contractor among the general contractors you can always count on

The process


Identifying customer needs


Development of possible alternative solutions, their introduction to the client


Clients acceptance for the offered solutions


Price offer


Signing a contract


Preparation of work project


Execution of works


Delivery of works and Customer training


Maintenance of systems

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If you are interested in building a low current system, please contact our representative. Our technical and business experienced consultants can advise and talk about solutions in more detail.


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