Why use the automation system from Pristis?

Wide integration capability

The main advantage of the automation system offered by S Pristis is its extensive integration capability. For example, our automation system can be integrated with a customer’s existing Honeywell, TAC Schneider, Johnson Controls, Trend or Siemens building automation system, giving the customer freedom in the choice of equipment.

Easy integration of external systems

The system also allows easy integration with external systems from the building automation system, such as DALI lighting automation, hotel reservation system, etc., which allows you to adjust the building’s energy consumption according to real needs, thus saving energy costs.

The system does not depend on one so-called. from a central computer

Our system does not depend on  central computer, as every controller in our solution is able to operate independently. The system provides convenient remote administration via a web site, allowing authorized persons to access the system, obtain necessary information and make settings changes. All you need is just the connection to the Internet.

Personal Technical Manager

Most modern buildings have BMS, but there have often been situations where the client himself does not have a specialist in the building automation system or has the appropriate know-how. In this case, we offer the client the opportunity to use the service of our Technical Manager. Our long-time technical managers have practical experience with most major BMS manufacturers, thus ensuring demand-driven and cost-effective operation of the systems.

How do we do that?

Systems integration

The Niagara platform is the automation platform with the most extensive integration capabilities,

thanks to which we can easily integrate cooling, heating, and ventilation systems, room climate and energy meters into our building automation system as well as hotel reservation systems.

Needs based management

The building’s technical systems are managed on a needs basis and in accordance with the natural rhythm of the building, thus ensuring energy savings

Professional execution and after-sales service

our highly experienced automation engineers, project managers and technical managers ensure a solution tailored to the customer’s needs and a high level of customer satisfaction.

The process


dentifying customer needs and expectations and integrating devices


Developing a project solution


Presentation of the project solution to the client, coordination


Automation system construction and programming


Customer training


After-sales service and technical support

They use this service

Customer feedback

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