Why choose fire protection automation from Pristis?

AS Pristis is one of the leading providers of fire safety automation in Estonia.

For example, we have built the largest fire safety automation solution so far in the new building of Tallinn Prison.

The basic document for the construction of automation of fire safety systems is the Estonian standard EVS_812_8_2018.

The fire safety automation control and dashboard aggregates the following system status signals and controls.

  • Fire water supply
  • sprinkler system with pumps and auxiliaries (states);
  • hose system with pumps and auxiliaries (states).
  • automatic foam or gas extinguishing systems (states).
  • Electrically operated fire and smoke curtains and doors (states).
  • Natural smoke and heat extraction systems
  • mechanically opened hatches, windows and doors (states and, if necessary, their control)
  • mechanical (forced ventilation) smoke and heat control (incl. overpressure) systems
  • air compensation windows, doors (states and, if necessary, their control).
  • Power supplies (states)
  • diesel generator (status)

How do we do that?

Cooperation with the customer

In cooperation with the Client, optimal solutions for the construction of FA will be found

with the aim of ensuring compliance at the optimum cost

Collaboration with the designer

in collaboration with the architectural component and the designers of the FA-driven systems, we will ensure the well thought-out and functional compatibility of the systems integrated into the FA

Cooperation with the Rescue Board

As the end user of the system, the Rescue Board is an important partner in developing a well-functioning and secure solution.

The process


Identification of the architectural features of the building


Identification of managed and monitored systems


Consultation with the Rescue Board


Design process




Testing of systems in cooperation with the Rescue Board


36/5000 Delivery of works and training of the client


Maintenance of systems

They use this service

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If you are interested in Fire Safety Systems Automation, please contact our representative. Our technical and business experienced consultants can advise and talk about solutions in more detail.


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