Electronic article surveillance (EAS)

Electronic article surveillance systems (EAS) protect goods from theft and free up time for store sales  and customer service. EAS systems consist of antennas mounted on store exits and security tags and labels attached to the goods. Security tags or labels that are not removed or deactivated in the goods will cause  alarm if passing antennas.

Why choose EAS from Pristis

Allows you to protect a wide variety of goods

The choice of security tags, labels and equipment depends on the characteristics of the goods sold in the shop. The most common security features are reusable tags that are attached to clothing with a special needle, disposable security stickers, and security boxes to protect expensive items such as Gillette, computer games, etc., as well as audio-emitting security tags.

Pristis offers all three EAS technologies on the market

AM (Acoustic Magnetic) is our first recommendation because it offers the best reliability when used in clothing stores, construction stores, pharmacies, cosmetics stores and elsewhere.

Read more: https://www.sensormatic.com/, https://www.amersec.com/

The advantages of AM technology are:

  • The latest technology
  • Wide passages
  • Low level of false alarms
  • Alarms also for items in metal shopping carts
  • Wide range of security tags and labels,
  • Source tagging leader

RF (Radio Frequency) systems are used in solutions where the customer has pre-installed RF technology or is looking for a cost effective solution in small stores.

EM (electromagnetic) systems are used in specific solutions in libraries, pharmacies.

INVUE (www.invue.com) display systems are used to attract and secure more expensive goods.

It enables customers to products such as smartphones, whiteboard and laptop computers, cameras, power tools and more. handled and tested. A secure display system is a solution for protecting goods, providing power to electronic devices, and presenting them for sale. Powered electronic devices are always up and running and provide customers with a great shopping experience.

Consumer behavior is driven by positive emotions and “waking up” in-store product testing improves the shopping experience.

The display system also provides information to marketers by counting the number of times each individual product has been received and researched by the customer.

How we do it

Cooperation with Costumers

Solutions that meet customer expectations are found

Expectations can be e.g. possible low cost, widest gate gap, invisible protection solution (integrated in floor and ceiling)

Cooperation with suppliers

We can offer solutions to even the most demanding customer

Trained staff

the reliability of EAS system depends largely on the environment in which it is located

it is very important to have a EAS system that suits the specific environment at each location

The process


Identification of customer needs, familiarization with the architectural features of the store


Developing solutions, introducing them to the customer


Customer acceptance of final solutions


Price offer


Signing a contract


Execution of works


Delivery of works and Customer training


Systems maintenance and technical support

They use this service

Customer feedback

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If you are interested in EAS solutions, please contact our representative. Our technical and business experienced consultants can advise and talk about solutions in more detail.


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